Tiernan's Bar - Stamford, CT
Saturday, October 24th @ 10:00pm

Tiernan's Bar - Stamford, CT
Saturday, May 16th @ 10:00pm

Tiernan's Bar - Stamford, CT
Saturday, March 28th @ 10:00pm

Tiernan’s Bar - Stamford, CT

B.B. Kings - New York City
Rambling House - Woodlawn, NY
The Red Lion - New York City
The Bitter End - New York City
Le Bar Bat - New York City
Willie McBride’s - Hoboken, NJ
Zell’s - Hoboken, NJ
O'Donoghue’s - Hoboken, NJ
Flannery’s Bar - New York City
The Quiet Woman - Hoboken, NJ
The Beekman Pub - New York City
Cabin Fever - New York City
Liberty Bar - Hoboken, NJ
The Courtyard - Queens, NY
Desmond's - New York City
Love Sexy - Hoboken, NJ
Shannon Lounge - Hoboken, NJ
The Farside Bar - Hoboken, NJ
A's Sports Bar - Bergenfield, NJ
The Grist Mill - Killington, VT
Soos’ - Buffalo, NY
The Orange Bear - New York City
Scotland Yard - Levittown, NY
Cannon Mt. - Franconia, NH

Merchant's - New York City


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